Kejaksaan Tinggi Jawa Timur

Intelligence Deparment

Kejati Jatim


Carry out judicial intelligence activities in the fields of ideology, politics, economy, finance, social culture and defense and security to support the policy of law enforcement and justice both preventive and repressive implement and or participate in carrying out public order and peace and securing national development and the results in the jurisdiction of the Prosecutor’s Office The country concerned.


    Insertion of technical policy formulation in the field of intelligence in the form of guidance, guidance and technical security;
    Preparation of plans, implementation and preparation of material for controlling intelligence activities in investigation, securing the drive in the context of preventive and repressive law enforcement policies to overcome obstacles, challenges, politics, economics, finance, social and culture;
    Carrying out production activities and intelligence facilities, fostering and enhancing the ability, skills and personal integrity of the judicial intelligence apparatus fostering the apparatus and controlling the work within the State prosecutor’s office concerned;
    Technical safeguards for the implementation of the work units in the field of personnel, material activities, reporting and documents by taking into account the coordination of cooperation with government agencies and other organizations in the region, especially with the intelligence apparatus.