Kejaksaan Tinggi Jawa Timur

Management of Changes

Kejati Jatim

Bureaucratic reform is essentially a series of systematic and planned efforts to carry out fundamental reforms and changes to the system of governance, especially concerning aspects of (1) Institutional, (2) Management and (3) Human Resources.

Framework for Implementing Institutional Change

1. Changes in Capability and Capacity

  • Determine stakeholders and responsible parties
  • Assess readiness for change
  • Determine and implement training / coaching
  • Determine the stages of implementing Change

2. Communication

  • Develop a communication plan and strategy
  • Implement a communication plan
  • Ensuring two-way communication
  • Test the effectiveness of communication

3. Expected vision and results

  • Reach an agreement for the desired future conditions
  • Agree on the purpose of the change
  • Agree to change terms of reference

4. Planning of change

  • Arrange management change into a more detailed plan / detail
  • Agree on a compiled schedule
  • Approve KPI
  • Determine quick wins
  • Rejection and reduction plan
  • Risk

5. Implementation of change

  • Implement change management
  • Reviewing the results achieved

6. Strengthen and Maintain

  • Change the framework and maintain these changes