Kejaksaan Tinggi Jawa Timur

Vision & Mission

Kejati Jatim

Vision of the Prosecutor’s Office

“Become a Professional, Proportional and Accountable Law Enforcement Institution”

With explanation:

    Law Enforcement Agencies: The Indonesian Attorney General’s Office as one of the law enforcement agencies in Indonesia that has the task and function as an investigator in certain criminal acts, public prosecutors, executors of judges, executors of court decisions that have obtained permanent legal force, supervises the implementation of conditional criminal decisions , criminal surveillance and conditional release, act as a State Lawyer and participate in fostering public order and peace through efforts, among others: increasing public legal awareness, Safeguarding law enforcement policies and Oversight of Trust and abuse of religious defamation
    Professional: The entire Attorney General’s Office apparatus in carrying out tasks based on the noble values ​​of TRI KRAMA ADHYAKSA as well as competencies and capabilities supported by extensive knowledge and insight as well as adequate work experience and adhering to the rules and professional codes of ethics that apply
    Proportional: In carrying out its duties and functions the Prosecutor’s Office always uses the motto that is to balance explicit and implied with full responsibility, principles, effective and efficient as well as respect for public rights
    Accountable: That the performance of the Attorney General’s Office of the Republic of Indonesia can be accounted for in accordance with applicable regulations

Mission of the Attorney General R.I:

1. Enhancing the Role of the Attorney General’s Office of the Republic of Indonesia in the Crime Prevention Program

2. Increasing Prosecutor Professionalism in Handling Criminal Cases

3. Enhancing the Role of State Attorneys Attorney in Solving Civil and Administrative Problems in the State

4. Realizing Law Enforcement Efforts Fulfilling A Sense Of Community Justice

5. Accelerating the Implementation of Bureaucratic Reform and Governance of the Republic of Indonesia’s Attorney General’s Office that is Clean and Corruption-Free, Collusion and Nepotism

(Source: Regulation of the Attorney General Number: 007 / A / JA / 08/2016 concerning Amendment to the Regulation of the Attorney General of the Republic of Indonesia Number PER-010 / A / JA / 06/2015 concerning the Republic of Indonesia’s Attorney General Strategic Plan for 2015-2019 dated 4 August 2016)